Transmetric developed the GEOCOUNTS(R) File Format to address the challenges faced by travel monitoring agencies working with different file types from multiple equipment and vendors.

By implementing this format, data is guaranteed to be compatible with Traffic Server, the GEOCOUNTS cloud service, and any other application implementing the standard GEOCOUNTS format.

Features of the format include:

  • Easy to understand and implement
  • Encompasses any type of stationary monitoring equipment including permanent traffic counters, short term counters, turning movement counters, WIM systems, pedestrian counters, bike counters, and similar devices which capture multiple object attributes.
  • Captures both metadata and counted data in a single file without the need to split different record types into separate files.
  • Separates the concepts of ‘lanes’ which motorists use to align themselves on roads, and data ‘channels’ which is how fixed counting devices organize data spatially
  • Ensures backward and forward compatibility

GEOCOUNTS(R) File Format Specification