GEOCOUNTS® Projects supports multi-agency traffic data collection, quality control and publishing efforts. It was previously a component of Traffic Server, called the “public count database”. It has since been restructured and re-branded to run on its own web server, outside of the Traffic Server application. This is a choice to support runtime scalability, feature expansion, data sharing and integration with non-DOT applications (i.e. open data initiatives), and security. GEOCOUNTS® is built to serve data cleanly into ArcGIS Online as well as combine information from ArcGIS REST services. It delivers information to the public according to rules of release that the DOT can control. The GEOCOUNTS® API also enables software developers to write applications to be hosted internally at or via an external server.

Product Comparison

Faithfully adheres to the FHWA Traffic Monitoring Guide Much broader focus determined by users
Data flows on an annual collection cycle Project driven. No annual cycle.
Count traffic Count anything