Traffic Server

Traffic Server 8
Coming Fall 2016

Traffic Server is used by many departments of Transportation for their data collection, quality control and federal reporting requirements.

It contains a comprehensive suite of features that allows you to faithfully follow the recommended procedures of the FHWA Traffic Monitoring Guide and fulfill your reporting obligations to federal, state and local stakeholders. A summary of its features includes:

  • A Comprehensive Station Management Model based on Station Groups and spatially aware data
  • An Automatic Raw Data Loader with dozens of supported native file formats
  • A Real Time Polling Service (RTPS) that communicates with multiple device protocols
  • Configurable Data Quality Control Functions
  • Built-in integration with ESRI ArcGIS maps and components including Roads and Highways Roadway Characteristics Editor
  • A SQL database server which includes storage of per-vehicle data
  • A Mobile Field Team App that extends connectivity to field crews
  • Built-in support for Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle databases
  • Computation of Annual Statistics according to the Traffic Monitoring Guide (TMG) recommended processes and AASHTO formulas
  • Simple and intuitive user interface tools for traffic data investigation and studies
  • Report components that let you explore data, like the Data Drill, the Station Finder and the Data Grid
  • A User Management system integrated with LDAP services like Active Directory, and fine grained control of traffic business data and operations
  • System Monitoring and Maintenance including log files, an Activity Monitor, and a powerful Platform Administration Utility (PAU)
  • Uplink, a desktop application which provides the convenience of uploading a large number of files into Traffic Server
  • Built-in integration with the GEOCOUNTS Cloud service