About Us

Transmetric America Inc., established in 2002, is a leader in the management and analysis of travel monitoring data and have a proven track record in delivery results to our clients. Serving multiple departments of transportation in the U.S. and Australia, we strive to serve a growing need for innovative data sharing and analysis solutions that foster a sustainable, multi-modal transportation network. Transmetric provides high quality software for policy makers, researchers, and the general public through our cloud-based products and services such as the Intelligent Transportation Society of America’s award winning system, Traffic Server™ and GEOCOUNTS®. Our products are powerful yet simple to use and continuously expand to meet our clients’ growing needs.

Traffic Server™ provides a complete commercial off-the-shelf product that provides departments of transportation (DOTs) with an opportunity to streamline and maximize their return on investment. It is built to perform complex quality control (QC) functions for both short term and automatic traffic records. QC rules can be configured for stations, station groups and data sources. Benchmarks can be set to compare key QC statistics and several QC rules can be applied during loading with each Automatic Traffic Recorder (ATR) have its rules configured independently to other stations.

Transmetric’s Real Time Polling Service contacts automatic traffic counters in the field and polls data files reliably each night into Traffic Server for QC. Upon completion, the data can then be sent to GEOCOUNTS for public consumption. Uplink is also available for the agency data collection partners and field technicians to help them deliver thousands of traffic data files into GEOCOUNTS from short term count stations.

The GEOCOUNTS Raw Count Format (GCFormat) is an open standard format designed by Transmetric for stationary systems counting moving objects as observed in the travel monitoring industry. It addresses the issue of inconsistencies in file formats amongst multiple equipment vendors; caters for all transportation network users including passenger vehicles, freight vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists; and encompasses any type of stationary monitoring equipment including permanent traffic counters, short term counters, turning movement counters, weigh-in-motion systems, pedestrian counters, bike counters, and similar devices which capture multiple object attributes. It enables data collectors and clients to easily track information collected from field surveys and simplify billing. It is quite straightforward to understand such that individuals, software developers and equipment manufacturers can easily generate or read the file format. The file format is being implemented by vendors involved in tube data collection and video counts during the time of writing this proposal (Figure 34).

In addition to the above services, Transmetric makes use of the ESRI-based map component which appears in multiple modules within our applications. In addition, through GEOCOUNTS, we continue to enlist new partners such as traffic counting companies, equipment vendors, and research agencies. Traffic counting companies utilize our software to conduct and track their traffic counts for clients. We also work with equipment vendors implementing the GEOCOUNTS File Format so clients can easily export data into our systems.